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Worth Repeating

Real stories told by your neighbors and friends in San Antonio.

Latest Episodes
  • A brutal storm. A childhood showdown. A new job gone awry. This episode of the Worth Repeating podcast is about fight-or-flight scenarios, and four San Antonions share their tales of standing their ground or getting out of Dodge.
  • In the summer of 2020, TPR asked listeners to share their stories about race and racism in San Antonio in a live virtual storytelling event. The city had experienced the wave of civil unrest that swept the country that summer following the killing of George Floyd by police. In the wake of that national spotlight on racial inequality, storytellers shared a wide range of experiences with racism, ranging from formative childhood moments to subtle encounters at the bar. Five of those stories are collected in this episode of the Worth Repeating podcast.
  • Shortly after the pandemic started, we asked our listeners to send us stories about adjusting to the "new normal," and they told us about everything from upheaval inside a restaurant to a pandemic honeymoon. This episode of the Worth Repeating podcast features four of those stories, a sort of time capsule from the fevered early months of quarantine.
  • In the gauntlet of life lessons we call middle school, there's nothing quite as memorable (or regrettable) as first love, as is the case in Heather Armstrong's story from the archives of TPR's live storytelling event, Worth Repeating. Following Heather's story in this episode of the podcast are three other stories from the archive.
  • Before he was a leader of San Antonio's largest food bank, Eric Cooper grew up wondering what happened to his dad. In this episode of TPR's storytelling podcast, he goes on a journey to find out, followed by a collection of other stories from the Worth Repeating archives.
  • A selection of stories from the archives of TPR's live storytelling event, Worth Repeating. This episode kicks off with a story from Lorenzo Gomez, a San Antonio CEO and tech advocate, about growing up on San Antonio's west side in the 1990s.