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Worth Repeating

Real stories told by your neighbors and friends in San Antonio. Worth Repeating was developed in collaboration with the 80/20 Foundation. For this and more details or to attend a live event visit: https://www.tpr.org/wr

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Latest Episodes
  • The second part of the Worth Repeating live storytelling event on theme, “Taught” includes stories about: a walk to remember, a beginner lesson in tattooing, and the boredom of boys in the country.
  • In this episode of the Worth Repeating podcast storytellers share stories on the theme, “Taught" including: the various ways to deal with a bully, how to labor calmly, food allergy frustrations, and the upchuck worthy of an A.
  • The second installment of the Worth Repeating live event features the last of the stories with the theme, Elevated. These storytellers take us on a long journey, describe the geographic difference of marijuana, and discover the almighty within your chest.
  • In this episode of the Worth Repeating podcast, storytellers share stories centered around the theme "Elevated." Stories include a trail riding misadventure, an edible gone wrong, a less-than-smooth sailing experience, and a first-time high.
  • Stories include a connection to the afterlife using coins, a haunting that followed someone home, and renting an occupied apartment in LA.
  • Stories include an estate sale with menstrual products in bulk, apparitions both photogenic and badly dressed, and the need for an exorcism before breakfast.
  • The conclusion to September's live storytelling event, "Bail," with an airport trip mishap, a need for more than your diaphragm, and a crazy cat enthusiast in need of a sitter.
  • Bolting from Mexico to navigating the intricacies of getting out of jail, these stories highlight the importance of recognizing the right moment to make a hasty exit.
  • San Antonio Book Festival and Texas Public Radio present this special bonus episode of the Worth Repeating Podcast with the theme of Fight or Flight.
  • ¿Como? was the subject of this episode of the Worth Repeating podcast, the second part of our April storytelling event. These last three stories include a would-be kidnapping, a student eager to teach, and a father that has a way with words. Slightly embarrassing and filled with moments where you have to trust your gut, these stories ended our season perfectly!