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Leave a Legacy for the future of Texas Public Radio-Join the Gwathmey Legacy Guild.

Named for Joe Gwathmey, former TPR president and general manager, the Gwathmey Legacy Guild represents a foundation of excellence.

Including Texas Public Radio in your will or estate plans is a wonderful way to show your support and appreciation for TPR and create a lasting legacy for the future. Planned gifts help ensure that future generations enjoy the very best in public radio news, culture, commentary and music.

If you have already included Texas Public Radio in your planned giving, we would love to welcome you into our Gwathmey Legacy Guild, which includes an invitation for you and a guest to an exclusive annual VIP event. Complete our notification form HERE to be included.

Bequests and living trusts are often the simplest and most convenient type of legacy gifts that our members establish. You may choose to give a percentage of your estate or all, or part of the residual that is left after all other bequests are made.

A Few Types of Bequests to Consider

Unrestricted Bequests: Allows Texas Public Radio to direct your gift where it is needed the most.
You can include wording in your will or trust such as: “I give and devise to Texas Public Radio
(Tax ID #74-2559514), located in San Antonio, TX, the amount of $XX [or XX% of the residue of
my estate], to be used for general operating support.”

Restricted Bequests: Permits Texas Public Radio to use your gift in the manner you designate,
such as a specific area of interest (news, talk programming, equipment, etc.).

Specific Bequest: Gives a specific asset to Texas Public Radio, such as cash or securities.

Residuary Bequest: Gives all or a percentage of what remains in your estate to Texas Public
Radio after all other specific bequests have been satisfied and all debts and expenses have been

Contingent Bequest: Gives all or a portion of your estate to Texas Public Radio when a named
individual beneficiary passes away before you. For example, “I give $10,000 to my cousin Mary,
but if she does not survive me, the bequest should be given to Texas Public Radio.”

Tax ID: 74-2559514 Address: 321 W. Commerce St. San Antonio, TX 78205 For more information about estate planning, please contact your financial or legal advisers. If you wish to learn how your estate can help ensure Texas Public Radio’s future, please contact Beverly Duke at (210) 614-8977 ext. 321 or beverly@tpr.org.

All inquiries made to us will be handled confidentially and imply no obligation.
Already included us in your estate plan? Let Us Know

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