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Bernie Sanders Holds Four Rallies In Texas This Weekend As Early Voting Continues For March Primary

With Super Tuesday approaching, Bernie Sanders made the rounds in Texas this weekend, traveling to El Paso, San Antonio, Houston and Austin to rally support for his campaign to win the Democratic nomination for president.

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Reynaldo Leaños Jr. | Texas Public Radio

More Than 600 Asylum Seekers Have Been Sent to Guatemala Under Trump Policy

Thomas Cartwright ran along a chain link fence outside the runway at the Brownsville South Padre International Airport . He was trying to catch a glimpse of buses loading migrants onto a plane.

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With Super Tuesday approaching, Bernie Sanders made the rounds in Texas this weekend, traveling to El Paso, San Antonio, Houston and Austin to rally support for his campaign to win the Democratic nomination for president. 

MONDAY on "The Source" — Close to 22,000 San Antonio residents live in the city's 88 remaining mobile homes, which are vanishing at an alarming rate, putting thousands of people with few other viable housing alternatives at risk of displacement. At least nine parks have shuttered since 2014.


President Trump leaves this weekend for India, where he's set to get a warm welcome from the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi. The visit is likely to be followed closely by Indian Americans, especially those who consider themselves Hindu. Many American Hindus are big supporters of Prime Minister Modi, in part, because of his embrace of Hindu nationalism. Here's NPR's Tom Gjelten.

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Javier "Jaguar" Gutierrez was an Army Sergeant 1st Class from San Antonio. He was killed in Afghanistan on Feb. 8.
Brian Kirkpatrick | Texas Public Radio

Hundreds of mourners gathered on Friday at Community Bible Church to celebrate the life of Javier Gutierrez, a San Antonio soldier killed in Afghanistan earlier this month.  

An encampment a few yards away from the Rio Grande where more than 2,000 people who are seeking asylum in the U.S. live is seen in Matamoros, Mexico on Wed. Jan. 29, 2020.
Verónica G. Cárdenas for Texas Public Radio

Charlene D’Cruz pulled 30 cents out of her pocket and asked her clients if they’ll need it to get across a turnstile at the Gateway International Bridge that connects Brownsville to Matamoros.

From Texas Standard:

Soon, Texas will close two adult state prisons. Eight other prisons have closed over the last several years, due to declining prison populations. At the same time, the prisons that remain in operation are understaffed.

From Texas Standard:

For decades, the booking mug shot has been a staple of crime reporting by news organizations. But since the arrival of the internet, news organizations have published galleries of photos belonging to people who have been arrested, even when they haven't been tried for their alleged crimes. Last week, the Houston Chronicle became the latest news organization to end the use of mug shot galleries.

Courtesy of Enrique Alemán.

Editor’s Note: Insensitive language frequently used in the mid-20th Century is included in this story.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1954 that racial desegregation in public schools was unconstitutional. Some school districts were not swayed by Brown v. Board of Education and found ways to discriminate. 

Mexican-American students in Driscoll, Texas, were purposely held back to avoid “retarding” the white students. Students with Spanish surnames were made to take first grade for three years. It didn’t matter how fluent they were in English, or if English was their primary language. As a result, Mexican-American students were graduating from high school in their early 20s.

The Democratic presidential primary is heading west for the third contest in the 2020 race. Nevada Democrats are hoping their caucuses avoid similar problems that plagued Iowa earlier this month.

Follow NPR's coverage for the latest updates, analysis and results as the caucuses get underway.


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