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Biden Holds Rally In San Antonio, Picks Up Local Endorsements

Hundreds turned out late Friday afternoon at Juarez Plaza at La Villita in downtown San Antonio for a rally to support former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden’s bid for the White House. A poll of likely Texas voters released by CNN Thursday shows Biden as the front-runner among Democratic candidates.

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Greta Thunberg Is The 'Time' Person Of The Year For 2019

Greta Thunberg, the activist who has quickly become a leading voice on climate change, is Time's Person of the Year for 2019 . At 16, she is the youngest person to earn the title in the magazine's 92-year history. Thunberg burst onto the world stage in the past year, organizing school strikes and protest marches to call attention to a climate crisis that she says older generations are not taking seriously enough. She has famously called out world leaders for debating scientific facts and...

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Carson Frame / TPR News

Leadership at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph has announced new measures to rein in Hunt Military Communities, a private housing contractor that manages some 300 homes there.

A woman lived in her car in front of our apartment building for a couple of weeks. Our family brought down some food, clothing and a blanket, but the woman hesitated to open her door when we knocked and smiled.

After all, who were we? Why should she trust us?

We did not call police or a city agency to say, "There's a woman living in a car on our street." I've reported stories where I've spent the night in city homeless shelters. They can feel crowded and unsafe, and have little privacy. I can see why someone would choose to stay on the street or in their car.

"If I say the word 'circus,' it means I'm ready to leave the party." That's what Angie Ebba, 39, of Portland, Ore., tells close friends when she's at a holiday soiree.

It might sound strange, but coming up with a code word is one way Ebba tames her social anxiety. "If I need to leave, having a word I can slip into conversation is a discreet way to let my friends know," Ebba explains.

Brian Kirkpatrick / Texas Public Radio

Hundreds turned out late Friday afternoon at Juarez Plaza at La Villita in downtown San Antonio for a rally to support former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden’s bid for the White House.

A poll of likely Texas voters released by CNN Thursday shows Biden as the front-runner among Democratic candidates.

From Texas Standard:

The Texas Department of Agriculture this week released a proposed set of rules for growing hemp, which had been illegal until the federal government's 2018 Farm Bill cleared the way for production.

The new rules will help would-be growers understand how the crop will be regulated. And when the hemp is ready to be harvested, a Dallas company has a plan for processing it.

From Texas Standard:

The recent death of a Houston police officer reignited an aspect of the gun control debate that intersects with domestic violence.

It was almost dark when Shalom LeBaron reached the spot where her daughter, Rhonita Miller LeBaron, and four grandchildren were killed. LeBaron found the remains of her 10-year-old granddaughter in the back seat of a car that had been riddled with bullets and set on fire earlier that morning.

"Facedown, crunched up in fetal position because she was so afraid," LeBaron said through tears in an interview with NPR. "That's how her bones were found."

Yupa Watchanakit/Shutterstock.com

A woman who says she was first sex-trafficked at the age of 4 has filed a lawsuit against three north Texas hotel chains. Her suit claims the businesses were complicit by "enjoying the profit from rooms rented for explicit purposes."

Sex trafficking is a 100 billion dollar enterprise and it’s is growing. Over a five-year period, cases of sex trafficking reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline in Texas have more than doubled.

Medical providers, veterans’ advocates, law enforcement, local politicians and other residents came to a meeting in Kerrville to learn about the Together With Veterans program.
Carson Frame | TPR News

The Department of Veterans Affairs has started an outreach program to prevent suicide among rural veterans.  According to recent data from the Veterans Health Administration, suicide rates were elevated among people living in rural areas, due to factors like isolation.

In Kerr County — home of about 50,000 people — the VA is recruiting local officials to develop an action plan. 

Dr. Carrillo shows members of a health delegation one of the stock rooms where medication is stored.
Reynaldo Leaños Jr. | Texas Public Radio

Health officials and aid workers from the U.S. and Mexico want to find out how many asylum seekers at the border are living with HIV. 


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The newest novel by a self-described daughter of the borderlands, Norma Elia Cantú, isn’t a memoir or autobiography, even though it draws on her own personal experiences.

Cabañuelas” documents Cantú’s young adult life when she sets off to Spain in 1980 to study the country’s culture — specifically, its fiestas. Cantú reflects on Spanish traditions and compares it to South Texas communities that were conquered by Europeans centuries ago.

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A cinema classic gets a symphonic makeover.  The Institute of Texan Cultures hosts two holiday special events.  And a blues guitarist brings her international talent to town. The weekend is here, and there’s music and dance everywhere. 

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Another stressful holiday season is upon us, but catching Midday Noels during your lunch break may offer an oasis from the Christmas chaos. The musical event at First Presbyterian Church on McCullough Street is happening this Thursday and next Thursday.

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