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Texas Matters
Fridays at 12:30 p.m. & Sundays at 9:30 p.m.

Texas is a big state with a growing, diverse population and as the population grows, the issues and challenges facing its residents multiply. Texas Matters is a statewide news program that spends half an hour each week looking at the issues and culture of Texas.

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  • Today on Texas Matters: Ken Paxton strikes back. After being acquitted from impeachment charges the Texas Attorney General is promising to crush his political enemies. Also, why are Venezuelans coming to the border en masse, and how is TPS going to help many of the Venezuelan asylum seekers?
  • Today on Texas Matters—The buoys are back – in fact they never left. What is happening with the legal battle over the border barrier? How to get paid for tweeting about Ken Paxton. It could be illegal.And Mark Gonzalez—the Corpus Christi progressive D.A. is now running for Senate.
  • This week on Texas Matters: a look at some of the new laws now in effect in Texas and some of the significant ones that didn’t. And gearing up for the Ken Paxton Senate impeachment trial. Will Texas voters watch and care?
  • Today on Texas Matters: Some scary hours with the Texas grid during the summer heat. What is happening? And Republican candidates for president say they’ll invade Mexico. Why that is a terrible idea?
  • It's estimated that half a million people live in colonias along the Texas-Mexico border. These communities lack basic needs for the residents, including running water, storm drainage and sewage. What are the challenges of living in a colonia? Who is responsible for improving the substandard conditions?
  • This week on Texas Matters: Mexico makes it clear they want the buoys out of the Rio Grande. The San Antonio Police Department's use of its mental health unit examined. And records show that the San Antonio Police Department failed in policing its problem cops.
  • This week on Texas Matters—a trip down the Rio Grande to see the buoy barrier and meet with the people it’s supposed to stop. How the Eagle Pass City Council pushed back on Operation Lone Star. And climate change is making water more precious, so will Texans be paying more at the tap.?
  • This week on Texas Matters - How Operation Lone Star is being felt in Eagle Pass. Abbott is building his own border wall. Texas is using spyware on the border—and maybe beyond.
  • Texas is gripped with extreme heat that’s putting lives at risk. Should President Biden step in to protect Texas outdoor workers? And the Texas GOP makes the voting system less secure and easier to cheat.
  • This week on Texas Matters, a school bus tour is highlighting the mass shootings of Texas; with climate change disasters now the norm, some Houston residents are transforming their homes into emergency hubs; and a state program to help people to pay traffic tickets is punishing the low income further into debt.