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Texas is a big state with a growing, diverse population and as the population grows, the issues and challenges facing its residents multiply. Texas Matters is a statewide news program that spends half an hour each week looking at the issues and culture of Texas.

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  • In Loose of Earth, a story of a tight-knit evangelical family in West Texas, the oldest daughter tries to make sense of the contradictions of the world she is warned about and the world she has to occupy. When her father contracts cancer from "forever chemicals" her world come crashing down. The memoir is Loose of Earth, and we hear from the author Kathleen Dorothy Blackburn.
  • This week on Texas Matters.How HEB is too woke for the GOP. Electric vehicles need places to charge. And covering state news just got a big boost.
  • This week on Texas Matters: The forecast for the coming summer is record breaking heat. It could be a deadly weather disaster that will challenge emergency services and put Texans at risk. And why a Texas plastics company is failing to accurately monitor its toxic discharge into the Gulf.
  • Hillcrest in Corpus Christi is a historic African American neighborhood that has long faced environmental racism but is now confronting displacement from a massive desalination project. Environmentalists point out that the desal, hyper-salty brine discharge will be very harmful to the bay and shouldn’t be built.
  • The last time a total solar eclipse crossed Central Texas was in 1878 – the heyday of the Wild West. That eclipse was crucially important to America’s rise as a scientific power and saw many of the era’s great scientists (including Thomas Edison) trek out to unsettled lands to witness the event firsthand. On April 8, Texas gets another gander at a solar eclipse—but this time without the train robberies and frontier backdrop.
  • Today on Texas Matters: The largest wildfire in Texas history torches over a million acres. How you can help in the recovery. And how the electric co-op movement energized rural Texas.
  • Today on Texas Matters: Turmoil in the attorney general’s office is ripping apart the AG Medicaid Fraud Division.With Abortion on the ballot Annie’s List sees 2024 as a big year to elect progressive women. And money is running out for the Affordable Connectivity Program.
  • Many Texas families have been fighting for school funding equity for 50 years. But wide disparities in funding still exist. Texas Public Radio's education reporter, Camille Phillips, explains the problem and why it's been difficult to solve.
  • This week on Texas Matters: Covid cases are on the rise. How Texans can protect themselves with a vaccination.What does it mean that the Texas buoys are still in the Rio Grande? The Texas Tribune launches a pro-democracy reporting project. And there’s a million-dollar treasure hidden somewhere in Texas or New Mexico. Are you smart enough to find it?
  • Today on Texas Matters— Obamacare is seeing a surge in Texas and across the nation. Why is the Affordable Care Act succeeding despite claims from the right?And Mexican food is now American food. How tacos conquered the United States.