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Caliber 60

Loud narco-corridos and gunshots had become the soundtrack of Linda’s life in her hometown in Michoacan, Mexico, the avocado capital of the world. SUVs and men parading with smuggled automatic weapons hanging from their shoulders controlled avocado fields and every aspect of life. In February 2021 Linda was devastated by a loss so profound, she had to leave the only home she had ever known. In a twist of irony, she fled to the country where 80% of the weapons in Mexico come from, to request asylum. Caliber 60 is a limited series about the impact of illegal arms trafficking southbound to Mexico on the displacement of thousands of Mexicans fleeing towards the U.S., as told through Linda’s story, who escaped Michoacan and found refuge in California.

Episode 1 drops on March 15th, 2023.

This podcast was supported by the Pulitzer Center.

Latest Episodes
  • Avocado consumption has exploded in the U.S. over the past decade. But what’s rarely seen is the rotten underbelly of this industry, controlled by armed groups in Mexico who use smuggled weapons from the U.S. to keep control over this lucrative business. Meet Linda, who lives in Ixtaro, a small avocado producer town. She experienced unimaginable horrors while under the siege of narcos.
  • Caliber 60, a limited series podcast about the flow of avocados, guns and people, drops on March 15th. Subscribe to Caliber 60 to follow Linda’s story.