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Privacy Policy

Donor Privacy

Texas Public Radio is mindful of the trust that you place in us when you submit personal information.  The following guidelines illustrate Texas Public Radio's policies and practices regarding use of a donor's personal information:

On-Air Membership Drives: ­ Texas Public Radio maintains strict control of all information received from donors during our semi-annual on-air membership drives.  Volunteers have access to the member's information only during the call.  All pledge forms immediately are turned over to TPR staff members and personal information is entered in our database.  Copies of the pledge forms are shredded and original pledge sheets are maintained in a secure environment.  Original pledge forms are destroyed after one year, coinciding with the duration of the pledge of support.

Renewal Mailings: ­ Member renewal mailings are generated from our secure database.  The database may be accessed by the use of passwords provided to membership staff only.  The database is maintained on a secure local network that is not accessible via the Internet.  Members wishes regarding anonymity, telemarketing and list exchange preference are honored explicitly. Strict adherence to member wishes are observed and no personal information is announced on air or printed in TPR publications without the expressed consent of our members.  Please call our membership department at 210-614-8977 or 1-800-622-8977 if you would like to verify the status of your membership account regarding these conditions.

List Exchange Policy: ­ Texas Public Radio does not sell, rent or share its member list.

Third Party Relationships: ­ Texas Public Radio does not provide its member list to any unrelated third party for any purposes.  There are, however, related service organizations that TPR enters into agreements with to enhance its service to both its supporters and the community at large.  Examples of these service organizations are:

  • Mailing Houses: ­ Texas Public Radio retains a mailing house only to deliver its bi-annual mailings that are too large to process in house.
  • Telemarketing Firms: ­ Texas Public Radio periodically engages a telemarketing company to contact members for various fund raising activities.
  • Research Companies: ­ Texas Public Radio, NPR and PRI occasionally contract with research firms to conduct focus groups or other research activities for purposes of improving program content and services to the public radio audience.
  • Direct Marketing Services: Texas Public Radio, NPR and PRI maintain member record accuracy by utilizing the services of USPS approved vendors supplying direct marketing services in accordance with National Change-of-Address standards.

In each of these cases, Texas Public Radio provides member information such as name, address and/or telephone number.  The service provider is contractually obligated not to make use of our members' information for any other purpose than the service it was contracted to provide.  Each of these agencies agrees to not sell, trade or otherwise exchange TPR member information with any other entity.
The World Wide Web

Like virtually all other web servers, Texas Public Radio's web server automatically creates log files for each unique visitor who accesses our site.  These "access logs" contain no personal information, but do allow us to make our site more useful to our visitors.  These log files may contain some or all of the following information:

  • Date of the visit
  • Time and length of the visit
  • Path taken through the web site
  • Browser being used
  • A list of files downloaded or viewed from the web site
  • Amount of time spent listening to audio files
  • Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) of the machine accessing our web site
  • Any errors encountered

Online Pledging: ­ Texas Public Radio offers the opportunity for online contributions using a credit card or debit card.  All financial transactions made at the web site use an encryption process via our secure server.  Only the Membership department has access to this information.  Once the member's data have been recorded in our database, the web pledge is deleted from our files.

An e-mail message is sent to the contributor acknowledging a web pledge.  This is done via an auto reply and the member's e-mail address is retained only if we are instructed to do so by the member as he/she completes the web pledge.  Texas Public Radio will only contact the member regarding membership renewal information via their e-mail address if the member instructs us to do so.  Please call our membership department at 210-614-8977 or 1-800-622-8977, or contact the webmaster if you would like to verify the status of your membership account regarding these conditions.

External Links: ­ Please note that Texas Public Radio's web site provides links to underwriters, business supporters and to sites that provide information relevant to our programming.  These links are put up only for the convenience of our listeners.  We encourage you to review these sites' privacy policies.  Texas Public Radio assumes no responsibility for any transactions made over these web sites.