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TPR Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship of TPR events is a wonderful way to support Texas Public Radio, connect your brand with an engaged audience, and get your business name out in front of a desirable group of decision makers and leaders within the community.

Below is a list of upcoming events. For more information on sponsoring an event, please contact Wendy Wommack at

Cinema Tuesdays Series    Location: the Bijou 

Date: 5/28/2019

Cinema Tuesdays features classic and independent film screenings. The philosophy behind the Cinema Tuesdays series is to bring San Antonio great films and a memorable, fun experience, while supporting TPR at the same time. Every movie brings in a new crowd.

Cinema Tuesdays continues to be the largest on-going, multi-month promotional opportunity we have at TPR. With 1000+ promotional announcements running last season and thousands of hits on the Cinema Tuesdays webpage, the project continues to be very high-profile.  The series has also raised a substantial amount of money for Texas Public Radio because there is significant interest in seeing great classic films on the big screen in San Antonio. 

This year interested parties may again sign up for the TPR Cinema Newsletter  to find out more about the season and other movie-related news.  The TPR Cinema Twitter Feed also offers a way to stay on top of cool movie news on a daily basis; to really experience a movie, there’s nothing like sharing it with friends and family!  And we of course update TPR Facebook friends with links to the Cinema Tuesdays webpage.

Thank you, Americus Diamond, Stevens Lighting, Bubble Bath Car Wash, Bjorn's, The Law Office of Gilber Vara Jr, and the Law Office of Roland J. Garcia

When I Grow Up      Location: San Antonio Garden Center

Date: 8/3/2019

What did you want to be when you were growing up? An astronaut, writer, police officer, dancer, scientist, or maybe you wanted to be a world-famous actor, TPR Presents: When I Grow Up, a free family event is designed to foster the imagination and encourage children to dream big. This event will bring together a wide range of careers to help kids understand the endless possibilities.

Designed to inform, entertain, and inspire, children and families will get the opportunity to meet with a wide variety of professionals called ‘mentors’. Organized like an expo, children will be encouraged to meet and talk with professional ‘mentors’ who represent careers they are most interested in. 

TPR Invites you to take advantage of the opportunity to reach a new group of people who appreciate your company’s commitment to engage San Antonio’s youth as they examine their interests and consider their future paths.

Sponsorship deadline: 7/19/19

Thank you Teaching Growth, HEB, YMCA, and Whataburger!

3 sponsor slots available

Think Science: Longevity Location: Studio at the Pearl

Date: 8/16/19

Would You Like to Live to be 100 Years Old?....120….150? What limits human longevity? Is it our DNA, our behaviors, or our environment? Advances are being made to overcome frailty, a wide range of disease, memory loss, and more. Efforts to prolong our healthspan, even possibly doubling human life expectancy, are becoming feasible. This edition of THINK SCIENCE will explore some of the most advanced medical research on aging and longevity being done in the world by leading scientists in San Antonio. Expert panelists will include: Dr. Nicolas Musi, Director, UT Health San Antonio / Barshop Institute, a center for Longevity and Aging Studies. Dr. Musi specializes in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism. Dr. Sara Espinoza, UT Health San Antonio / Barshop Institute, a center for Longevity and Aging Studies. Dr. Espinoza specializes in Internal Medicine and is a Geriatrician.

Sponsorship deadline: 7/19/19

Thank you, Baptist Health Foundation, HealthTexas Medical group and S.A.V.E!

Sponsorships are also available for TPR programming: Traffic, Weather and Texas centered news programs such as Texas Standard, focused on statewide news, and our local call in talk show The Source, which looks at the issues affecting San Antonio.