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For Marine Veteran Kyle Carpenter, the Medal of Honor Is ‘Heavy Beyond Measure’

Tim Kolczak

This first of a two-part episode tells the story of one man's unbelievable act of courage to save the life of a fellow Marine. He has no memory of what he did. But it earned him the Medal of Honor, the nation's highest military decoration.

Kyle Carpenter is the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient, lauded for conspicuous gallantry in the face of mortal danger. During an ill-fated deployment to Marjah, Afghanistan in 2010, Kyle made a split-second decision that saved his friend’s life on a rooftop. It came at great personal cost and revealed one of Kyle’s most fundamental beliefs: that others should come before self.

Learn about Kyle’s journey into the Marine Corps, from a childhood spent moving around the country — reinventing himself each time — to an overseas trip that led him to realize that service could be his compass in a messy world.

Kyle has always tried to push past his comfort zone, to find out who he is at the core. He asks us to examine our own lives and get in touch with the truest, most resilient versions of ourselves.

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