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Urban Land Institute report suggests a new vision for the next 50 years of UTSA’s Institute of Texan Cultures

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San Antonio’s Institute of Texan Cultures has championed the state’s diverse cultural heritage for decades, but in recent years the facility has been plagued by challenges.

A new report makes suggestions for how the University of Texas at San Antonio can create a new vision for the ITC that better serves the community, strengthens UTSA’s presence downtown, and is successful both financially and in achieving its mission to continue showcasing the uniqueness and beauty of the many cultures that comprise Texas.

The ITC opened as the Texas State Exhibits Pavilion for the 1968 World’s Fair – Hemisfair ’68 – and UTSA became its steward 5 years later.

The report’s recommendations were developed by a panel of land-use and resilience experts affiliated with the Urban Land Institute, and will help inform the university’s ongoing community stakeholder visioning process for the next 50 years of the ITC and its museum.

What was involved in the process of crafting this report? What factors were considered?

What conclusions did the panel reach? How would this reimagined vision advance UTSA's mission for the ITC? What are its biggest challenges?

What will the next 50 years look like for the Institute of Texan Cultures?

Members of the general public can learn more about the process here.

Guest: Jeanne Myerson, Urban Land Institute advisory services panel chair, and founder and principal of The Belgrave Group in San Francisco

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*This interview was recorded on Thursday, February 24.

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