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Between 2015-2020, communities of color were kicked out of their homes at a higher rate than other major Texas cities

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Photo by Michael Tuszynski

It has been a year since the controversial report “Ousted: The City of San Antonio’s Displacement of Residents through Code” was released. City officials claimed the report exacerbated a difficult situation.

The report revealed that the City of San Antonio used code enforcement aggressively between 2015 and 2020. Data collected by UT Austin researchers found that the city often displaced people 4000% higher than other major cities. Communities of color were primarily affected.

In an interview with TPR, Director of Development Services Michael Shannon also mentioned the City would conduct its own analysis of code enforcement practices. Has the study been completed in the year since the report was released?

What changes have been implemented since the report came to light? How many emergency vacate and demolition orders occurred within the last year? What amount of compensation or assistance has been provided to displaced tenants?

What changes — if any — have been taken to bolster information shared with people so that they are provided with a fair hearing and are able to understand the process? What efforts have been made to keep people in their homes?


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*This interview was recorded on Thursday, February 2.

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