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Hemisfair breaks ground on new Civic Park on Wednesday

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On Jan. 26, city leaders will gather to break ground at the site of Hemisfair’s Civic Park in downtown San Antonio after pandemic-related delays delayed the start of its construction.

The five-acre in the southeastern part of downtown space will be able to accommodate large events and up to 15,000 people and – according to its developers – will be “the grandest of Hemisfair’s park series and an uncommonly beautiful urban greenspace in the heart of San Antonio.”

Hemisfair could receive $18 million from the 2022 bond package if voters approve the parks initiative in May. Construction to open access to the park’s easternmost 10 acres is also tentatively approved for an additional $9 million.

Civic Park construction is scheduled to be completed by 2023.

What are the details of plans for the Civic Park and other Hemisfair revitalization?

How much was redevelopment set back by the pandemic? How much do its projects depend on funding in the 2022 bond cycle?

What could this park and other planned Hemisfair projects mean for the future of downtown?

Guest: Andres Andujar, CEO of HemisFair

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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, January 25.

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