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Dare To Listen: Voting Rights In Texas

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TPR held a special “Dare to Listen” live webinar discussion on Facebook on July 28, 2021 about proposed legislation in Texas that could restrict, rather than promote, access to voting.

Topics ranged from the Texas Democrats leaving the state in an effort to block passage of GOP-backed voting restrictions, Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 3, which would ban drive-through and 24-hour voting; make mail-in voting more difficult; increase criminal penalties for voting mistakes; and give partisan poll watchers more authority at voting sites.

A studyfound that Texas is one of the toughest U.S. states to vote in and it could become more difficult if a GOP-backed bill in the state legislature becomes law. But is that voter suppression?

Why could voters of color be more affected by certain restrictions? Does this legislation infringe on Texans' voting rights?


  • State Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer (D-San Antonio), District 116
  • Tasha Philpot, Ph.D., professor of government and affiliate of the Center for African and African American Studies, the Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis, and the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Texas at Austin
  • Chad Ennis, senior fellow for the Election Protection Project and attorney for the Center for the American Future at the Texas Public Policy Foundation

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*This interview was recorded on Wednesday, July 28 and will re-air on Monday, August 2.

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