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Activists And Passengers Sue 'Trump Train' For Intimidation

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A truck repeatedly rams a white SUV after it crowded into the truck's lane. It's unclear which vehicle initiated contact, but the truck appears to purposefully maintain contact.

Back in November, members of a Trump Train caravan surrounded a Biden-Harris campaign bus. Some of those passengers are suing their intimidators.

The lawsuit alleges that the caravan members violated a law that bans groups from intimidating voters or preventing their political speech.

Former Texas Senator Wendy Davis is a plaintiff in the lawsuit. She said she wants to demonstrate that political violence is “unacceptable.”

"We filed this lawsuit because those of us who experienced the events of that day, believe very strongly that every American, regardless of the side of the aisle that they are on, should be able to engage in peaceful political discourse, and we shouldn't be met with fear intimidation, or threats of violence in terms of expressing our political positions," she said.

The incident led to Democrats canceling 3 events that day.


  • Wendy Davis, plaintiff and former Texas Senator
  • Eric Cervini, campaign volunteer

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*This interview was recorded on June 28, 2021.

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