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City of San Antonio Seeks Community Input on 2022 Budget Priorities, Allocation Of Funds Amid COVID-19 Economic Recovery

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Visitors walk past a restaurant on the River Walk Monday in San Antonio.

On June 16, city officials presented San Antonio City Council with a trial budget for fiscal year 2022. Previously forecasted deficits due to the COVID-19 pandemic are less severe than expected because of increased city revenue.

As more people venture outside of the home to spend money at local restaurants, bars, shops, and travel expenses the economy seems to be experiencing an upswing.

The sales tax and Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) have both performed better in the last six weeks than previously projected. Still well below pre-pandemic levels the increase in revenue is a welcome sign of economic recovery.

Federal funds allocated by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) are also a key factor in shaping the FY 2022 budget. The City of San Antonio expects to receive a combined $466 million to improve financial stability and support community needs such as emergency housing, street repairs and keep the San Antonio International Airport in operation.

City officials have until 2024 to decide how the remaining federal funds will be utilized.

Residents have a chance to provide feedback about the FY 2022 budget through a community survey that ends at the end of the day on June 21.

Next up on the budget calendar is the goal-setting session on June 25 and the final budget proposal on August 12.

Which services and programs would residents like funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to go to?

How much funding will public health services receive? What considerations are being made to improve emergency services?

In what ways is the arts community being considered in the FY 2022 budget?

How will the current round of San Antonio Police department contract negotiations
affect the budget?

What are San Antonio residents’ priorities for the city’s 2022 budget? How will this community feedback be considered and incorporated in the process?


  • Erik Walsh, City Manager for the City of San Antonio
  • María Villagómez, Assistant City Manager
  • Scott Huizenga, Budget Director

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*This interview was recorded on Monday, June 21.

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