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VIA's plan for advanced rapid transit

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VIA Metropolitan Transit is looking to accelerate the creation of a rapid mass transit system for San Antonio.

The initial plan is for the construction for a Advanced Rapid Transit (ART) corridor that would link the city’s North-South line, and then later there will be an East-West line.

The North-South Green Line ART corridor will run from San Antonio International Airport to the Brooks Transit Center. Construction is expected to begin in January 2025 and be complete by March 2027.

The Green Line route will run primarily on its own dedicated lanes which will allow it to maintain a consistent schedule and move quickly despite heavy traffic.

The Silver East-West line is lagging about two years behind the Green Line in development and in finding the necessary federal funding. The Silver Line is expected to run on Commerce Street linking Our Lady of the Lake University and the Downtown UTSA Campus with a mass transit line.

Guest: Jeffrey C. Arndt, VIA President and CEO.

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*This interview will be recorded on Tuesday, August 15.

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