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What are renters rights in San Antonio?

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Image by Jens Neumann from Pixabay

There are accounts of San Antonio apartment residents who are forced to live for weeks or even months without air conditioning or, sometimes, hot water. Some residents complain of mold, leaky roofs and vermin infestation. Those residents say they have been unable to convince the landlord to fix the maintenance problems.

These situations are not typical. Most landlords and property management teams perform the required maintenance. But for those who do not, what are the rights of the rent paying tenants? How can renters protect themselves when things go wrong?

The San Antonio City Council is working on developing a “Bill of Renters Rights” which will essentially ensure that tenants live in healthy living conditions and that they aren’t retaliated against when speaking out. It also provides the tenants their rights both in English and Spanish.


Veronica Garcia, City San Antonio - Neighborhood and Housing Services

Sandra Tamez, Executive Director at Fair Housing Council of Greater San Antonio

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*This interview will be recorded on Wednesday, April 19.

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