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Deep fake A.I. audio and the future of journalism

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A deep fake A.I. video of President Biden
A deep fake A.I. video of President Biden

The A.I. genie is out of the digital bottle. This new magical technology is not going to go away. In fact it’s going to get better and cheaper and impossible to avoid.

A.I. tech offers lots of benefits like advanced cancer screenings, the development of new materials and faster/smarter computers.

But what has caught the public’s attention and concern is the deep fake A.I. being used to produce high quality photos, audio and video. And this is being used to spread disinformation.

If A.I. deep fakes aren't going away, then society will have to learn to adapt to this and quickly before something terrible happens.

Already the AI image generator Midjourney has been used to create realistic-looking fake visuals of former president Donald Trump being arrested and Pope Franciswearinga stylish coat.

Furthermore, a right-wing activist known for promoting the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, recently created a fake video of President Biden announcing a draft to send American soldiers to Ukraine to fight Russia.

So far, despite the tech breakthroughs, these renderings have been shabby enough to spot as fake under close inspection.

But even if everyone knows a video have been faked, it can still pollute the information stream and plant a seed of doubt in everything we see.
How can we prepare for what it means to live in a world full of AI-generated content?

Brian Sathianathan CTO and Co-Founder of Iterate.ai .

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*This interview will be recorded on Thursday March 30.

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