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Martin Wolf and The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism

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From the chief economics commentator of the Financial Times, comes a call for democracy and capitalism to renew their vows before they come undone, which would cost the world stability, prosperity and peace for the future.

Martin Wolf sees that around the globe, liberal democracy is in recession and authoritarianism is on the rise. The ties that ought to bind open markets to free and fair elections are threatened, even in democracy’s heartlands, the United States and England.

Around the world, powerful voices argue that capitalism is better without democracy; others argue that democracy is better without capitalism. This book is a forceful rejoinder to both views.

For all its flaws, argues Wolf, democratic capitalism remains far and away the best system for human flourishing.

To replenish the promise of democratic capitalism the system must be allowed to work for the masses and provide equal access to the fruits of prosperity.

Otherwise, they will continue to be fertile ground for populists and demagogues like Donald Trump, who exploits the growing awareness that the economy isn’t working for the working class.


Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator of the Financial Times and author of many books, including the new The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism.

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*This interview will be recorded on Wednesday, March 15.

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