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Remembering the artist Jesse Treviño

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Tile mural "Spirit of Healing" by Jesse Treviño is on the south wall of Santa Rosa Children's Hospital.
Jack Morgan

Jesse Treviño was more than a San Antonio artist. He was an artist who channeled the spirit of the city and captured it on his canvas.

Treviño died on Feb. 13 in San Antonio. He was 76.

Treviño created public art that has become iconic to San Antonio. The 1997 work “Spirit of Healing,” is a nine-story mural on the side of the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio and depicts an angel watching over a child who is cradling a dove giving off light. It was created on 1 million hand-cut tiles.

The artist lost his right arm in a land mine explosion while serving in the Vietnam War, but he was undeterred. He went on to learn to paint with his left hand and create paintings that were displayed in three presidential libraries and the Smithsonian Institution.


José E. Limón, Notre Dame Foundation Professor of American Literature Emeritus University of Notre Dame, The Mody C. Boatright Regents Professor of American Literature Emeritus University of Texas at Austin

Anthony Head, author of “Spirit: The Life and Art of Jesse Treviño”

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