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Is the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals broken?

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Recently the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals threw out the federal law that keeps guns away from alleged domestic abusers, giving some with a history of violence access to guns.

And this is just the most recent ruling from "The Fifth" that has raised eyebrows and the hackles of legal experts.

According to VOX, the Fifth Circuit has, in recent months, declared an entire federal agency unconstitutional and stripped another of its authority to enforce federal laws protecting investors from fraud. It permitted Texas Republicans to effectively seize control of content moderation at social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Less than a year ago, the Fifth Circuit forced the Navy to deploy sailors who defied an order to take the Covid vaccine, despite the Navy’s warning that a sick service member could sideline an entire vessel or force the military to conduct a dangerous mission to extract a Navy SEAL with Covid.

Why is the Fifth Circuit the most conservative court in America? What damage is it doing to the legal system?

Guest: Ian Millhiser, senior correspondent at Vox

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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, February 7.

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