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After historic milestone in nuclear fusion, clean energy may be on the horizon

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ABACA/ABACA via Reuters Connect
Handout photo shows the target chamber of LLNL's National Ignition Facility, where 192 laser beams delivered more than 2 million joules of ultraviolet energy to a tiny fuel pellet to create fusion ignition on December 5, 2022. A major breakthrough has been announced by US scientists in the race to recreate nuclear fusion. Physicists have pursued the technology for decades as it promises a potential source of near-limitless clean energy. On Tuesday researchers confirmed they have overcome a major barrier - producing more energy from a fusion experiment than was put in. But experts say there is still some way to go before fusion powers homes. The experiment took place at the National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California. Photo by LLNL via ABACAPRESS.COM

In December, scientists in California produced more energy in a fusion reaction than was used to ignite it. This historic first could lead to more advancements in clean energy.

What is nuclear fusion? Why is fusion a clean-energy breakthrough? How can the energy be harvested for future use? How can this experiment be replicated?


  • Alexander Choinski, energy and infrastructure expert who deals with national and global initiatives as a partner at Houston-based law firm, Hunton Andrews Kurth
  • Dr. Troy Carter, professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, director of the Plasma Science and Technology Institute at the University of California Los Angeles

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*This interview was recorded on Wednesday, January 11.

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