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Temple Grandin: To support youth with autism, take a whole-person, strengths-based approach

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Detail from the cover of Temple Grandin's <i>Animals in Translation</i>.
Detail from the cover of Temple Grandin's Animals in Translation.

This show originally aired November 8, 2021

Young people on the autism spectrum face a number of challenges, but are families and educators doing enough to meet them with understanding?

In her newest book, best-selling writer and autist Temple Grandin explains that strengths-based mindsets are necessary to successfully support and interact with autistic youth, and can be employed to help develop the full potential of every child and teen on the spectrum.

With child psychologist and co-author Deborah Moore, Grandin shares guidelines that shift from a "disability mentality" and employ a whole-person approach to build on the strengths of an individual with autism and improve their overall well-being.

What are the most effective approaches for and common misconceptions about supporting and interacting with kids and teens on the spectrum?

What are the most productive learning environments? What are the best ways to incorporate their interests into learning basic skills?

Why is exposure to a range of experiences important? What effect has pandemic isolation had on young people with autism?

What else should individuals who live, support or interact with a person on the spectrum know about navigating autism?

Guest: Temple Grandin, Ph.D., international best-selling writer and autist, professor of animal sciences at Colorado State University, and co-author of the new book "Navigating Autism" (2021)

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*This interview was recorded on Monday, November 8.

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