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More than 4,000 public-housing residents in San Antonio are behind on the rent and at risk for eviction starting next week

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Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio

More than 4,000 residents and families receiving public-housing assistance are at risk of losing their homes when the San Antonio Housing Authority’s extended eviction moratorium expires Feb. 28.

The majority of residents receiving assistance or living at a SAHA-managed community are very or extremely low-income, earning an average of $200 per week, and have been severely affected by the pandemic.

The San Antonio Housing Authority issued a statement on Wednesday urging past-due residents to seek assistance from the City of San Antonio or make a repayment agreement ahead of the deadline.

SAHA reports residents collectively owe almost $5 million in past due rent.

The federal government’s eviction moratorium expired in June 2021.

What options are available to public-housing residents behind on rent? What barriers are preventing them from taking advantage of available resources?

How many residents are at risk of being evicted come Monday? What are the potential repercussions if a resident receiving housing assistance is evicted?

How is SAHA working to connect at-risk residents with available resources? Will SAHA extend the eviction moratorium a sixth time?

What is the City doing to help SAHA residents? Can emergency funding be allocated to prevent their displacement?

Click here to apply for the city’s Emergency Housing Assistance Program, before the March 1 deadline.

Guest: Brandee Perez, chief operating officer for the San Antonio Housing Authority

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*This interview was recorded on Wednesday, February 23.

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