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Pelaez: Awareness and education can help move the needle on San Antonio’s domestic violence crisis

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Bexar County has a particularly problematic history of intimate partner killings and family violence homicides, and many more non-lethal assaults.

Last year, District 8 City Council representative Manny Peláez submitted three proposals for policy changes related to family violence, human trafficking and education.

A new Texas law went into effect in December sets minimum standards for how schools teach kids about teen dating and family violence, child abuse, and sex trafficking. To give it his signature, Gov. Abbott required that parents be allowed to opt their child out.

One of Pelaez’s proposals would make such lessons mandatory for kids at districts or universities that accept funding from the City of San Antonio.

Will there be legal challenges? Is there evidence that students who receive anti-violence education have better relationship outcomes?

What do Pelaez’s other two proposals hope to accomplish and how will their success be measured, if passed?

How else is the City of San Antonio working to address this public health crisis?

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence you can call 1-800-799-7233.


  • Manny Pelaez, San Antonio City Council representative for District 8
  • Jenny Hixon, violence prevention program manager for the San Antonio Metropolitan Health Department 

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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, January 25.

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