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More Than 650 Bills Will Become Texas Law On Sept. 1

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Hundreds of new Texas laws passed during the state's legislative session are set to go into effect September 1.

Seven new laws will expand Texans' gun rights as of Sept. 1st including the controversial House Bill 1927 which allows individuals ages 21 and up to carry a handgun in public places, openly or concealed, without a permit.

More gun-related laws in effect as of next month include those that allow hotel guests to store firearms and ammunition in their rooms; make Texas a so-called Second Amendment sanctuary state; let Texans carry in any kind of holster; ban the prohibition of guns or ammo sales or transport during a disaster; allow devices that silence or reduce the noise a gun makes when shot to be unregistered if made and kept in Texas; and prohibit government entities from contracting with businesses that discriminate against any firearm entity or trade association.

Other new laws will amend the Texas Labor Code to expand sexual harassment liability. With Senate Bill 45 and House Bill 21 in effect, sexual harassment claims can be made against a broader group of employers and individuals can be held personally liable for sexual harassment. A companion bill also set to become law on Sept. 1 expands the statue of limitations for workers, who will now have 300 instead of 180 days to file a sexual harassment complaint.

Texas will also become the first state to make it a felony to paying for sex from an adult. House Bill 1540, which aims to deter sex crimes by upping the legal consequences for those who solicit or buy sex, also expands penalties for individuals who recruit victims from centers that house homeless or foster children and minors who were previously victims of violence and assault.


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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, August 24.

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