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San Antonio After The Storm: What You Need To Know About Energy Bills, Insurance Claims, Relief Resources

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FILE PHOTO: Winter weather caused electricity blackouts across Texas
Go Nakamura/REUTERS
FILE PHOTO: An electrical substation is seen after winter weather caused electricity blackouts across Texas, U.S. February 20, 2021. REUTERS/Go Nakamura/File Photo

Millions lost power when winter storm Uri ravaged Texas last week. More than 370,000 San Antonio homes went dark during the worst of the forced outages, leaving about 43% of CPS Energy customers without electricity, lights or heat amid freezing temperatures. Many residents didn't get power back for days. Some didn't survive.

Texans have reported receiving sky-high electricity bills from private utility providers after the severe winter weather, despite efforts to conserve energy. What does San Antonio's electricity utility plan to do about its customers' bills? Will the energy price increase be passed along to consumers, many of whom are already cost-burdened due to the pandemic?

How is the City of San Antonio working to help those affected by the storm? What resources are available for residents in need of emergency pipe repairs or help navigating state and federal disaster assistance programs? What about those facing food or housing insecurity in Uri's wake?

Why were state and local leaders seemingly caught off guard by Uri's impact? When isan investigative panelexpected to present findings from its probe into San Antonio's storm preparedness and response? What's the plan to ensure it doesn't happen again?

The weather likely caused billions in damage. Insurers say this may be one of the largest claims events in the state's history, even rivaling damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

What does that mean for Texans who suffered storm damage? How long could it take to process this massive amount of claims?

When and how should you file a weather-related claim? What scams should you be aware of?


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*This interview was recorded on Thursday, February 25.

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