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How Has Dating Changed In The Age Of COVID-19?

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Photo by Gabby K from Pexels CC0: https://bit.ly/3a9C5t6
Photo by Gabby K from Pexels CC0: https://bit.ly/3a9C5t6

Dating had already modernized rapidlyin the digital age and the pandemic has further upended normal rules of courtship. More people are connecting virtually, as COVID-19 concerns affect how people look for love or just a casual hookup.

While new technologies and social platforms allow people to connect with the touch of a button, others say it's made dating even harder. What are the pros and cons? Does a virtual date offer the same get-to-know-you experience as meeting in person?

How do you date safely during a pandemic? What kinds of questions should you ask a current or prospective partner? How can you move forward without moving too fast? What are the best practices for safe sex in the COVID-19 era?

The health crisis and its fallout are putting extra stress on relationships. What are some strategies for maintaining a healthy romance amid the pandemic? How can dating couples keep the love alive in lockdown?

How do you find a soulmate in the time of masks and social distancing? How can you get close to someone from six feet away? Are more people opting for cohabitation sooner than they normally would, so they can isolate together?

What will happen to dating and mating as we transition into a post-pandemic reality?


  • Damona Hoffman, certified dating coach and host of the "Dates & Mates" podcast
  • Lamont White, founder of Better Way To Meet - an Atlanta-based dating coaching, matchmaking and couples counseling service for gay and bisexual men in the U.S.
  • Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and visiting research associate at Rutgers University, senior research associate at The Kinsey Institute, chief scientific adviser to dating site Match.com, and author of multiple books on the science of romantic love

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*This interview was recorded on Thursday, February 11.

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