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Rep. Lloyd Doggett Says Insurrectionists Should Be Prosecuted

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210106 Pro-Trump supporters and police clash outside the United States Capitol Building during a March to Save America Rally on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC, USA. Photo: Joel Marklund / BILDBYRÅN / kod JM / JM0057 bbeng politik politics No Use Sweden. No Use Norway. No Use Austria.

A pro-Trump extremist mob broke into and vandalized the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. The insurrection was an attempt to stop the certification of several states’ electoral vote counts.

Representative Lloyd Doggett of District 35 was at the Capitol when the insurrection broke out. He said he thinks all those who assaulted police officers should be prosecuted.

"This is really a situation of our commander in chief Donald Trump abandoning our country and engaging in sedition. I don't think he could have done this alone. He has had many people who have enabled and been complicit in his continual grabbing of power and never pushing back on him," he said.

According to Doggett, the problem begins with Republican leaders who have not condemned Donald Trump’s inaction.

"I think we have to hope that we hit rock bottom with this, and that there will be some people who, as much as I might disagree with them, voted in good faith for Trump, but are not part of this kind of extremism, and that some of them will come aboard on trying to rebuild our party, that some who are Republicans who refused to join me in the conviction of Prop for impeachment will have second thoughts, but I'm not sure if we're there yet," he said.

Guest: Rep. Lloyd Doggett, District 35

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*This interview will be recorded on Thursday, January 6.

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