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How Important Is An Efficient, Peaceful Presidential Transition?

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President Trump Heads To Trump National Golf Club
Sipa USA/Sipa USA via Reuters Connect
The South Lawn of the White House is seen on Sunday, November 15, 20202 in Washington, DC. President Donald Trump is heading to his golf club in VA. (Photo by Oliver Contreras/SIPA USA)

Joe Biden is the projected president-elect of the United States, but President Trump still refuses to concede.

What does a successful transfer of executive power entail? What are the rules? Why is a peaceful transition important to democracy?

How could ongoing delays affect national security and the incoming administration's pandemic response? What will happen if Trump continues to block Biden's transition?

Have there been other difficult transitions in American presidential history? How were they resolved?


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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, November 17.

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