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City Of San Antonio Seeks To Fill Vacancies, Improve Equity On Boards And Commissions

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Local officials are seeking residents to fill more than a dozen seats currently open on City of San Antonio boards and commissions, especially applicants who are women and people of color.

There are a total of 85 groups tasked with providing input and feedback about operations related to everything from zoning, historical review, veterans affairs and small business support, to parks, arts, libraries, the airport and much more.

Approximately 80% of current members' terms are set to expire in May 2021.

Most of these public service positions are unpaid, and many require significant time and effort. Some are appointed by individual City Council members and others get a full Council vote. Applications are also reviewed by the City Attorney's Office.

Why are these positions important? What do they require of members? What are the qualifications to apply?

Why does equitable representation matter on boards and commissions? How diverse are they now and what is the goal for 2021?


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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, November 10.

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