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Call-In Special: The Military's #MeToo Moment

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After the murder of Fort Hood Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen triggered an outpouring of rage and pain around the country, Congress and the Army initiated several investigations into the base and how sexual harassment and assault are handled by military leadership.

Some have called this a watershed moment — the military's #MeToo equivalent.

What is it about the military culture that enables rape? What is the scope of this problem and what are the long-term impacts of MST for service members?

How can military sexual trauma (MST) and institutional betrayal influence a person's decision to join or remain in the military?

What do we know about the intersection between racism and sexism in the military?

What solutions might the military consider? What are the biggest challenges?

What MST support and resources are available for active military members and veterans?


  • Carson Frame, Texas Public Radio military and veterans issues reporter
  • Colonel Don Christensen, retired U.S. Air Force and president of Protect Our Defenders
  • Stephanie Gattas, United States Navy Veteran; founder and CEO of The Pink Berets
  • Lily Casura, MSW, doctoral student in applied demography at the University of Texas at San Antonio

This special is in collaboration with the American Homefront Project, made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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*This interview was recorded on Thursday, October 8.

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