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San Antonio bike plan moving forward

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Is San Antonio ready to become a premier city for bicycling in the United States? There are plenty of reasons for biking to be popular. The city has a relatively flat topography. San Antonio is made up of a network of many interconnected streets and neighborhoods. The climate is favorable during much of the year.

But just like learning to ride a bike—to get started, you just need the right kind of push. And for over a decade the City of San Antonio has been developing a bike network with the installation of physical infrastructure to facilitate biking for commuting and recreation.

There is a bike plan public meeting on May 30 at 6PM at the Coker Methodist Church gymnasium. The city is asking bike riders about their vision for a bike San Antonio network.

The bike plan’s open house is a major step in the city’s ongoing efforts to create a safer, more efficient bike network that caters to both cyclists and drivers. According to the city the event will cover both practical and policy aspects of our bike infrastructure

Dollar for dollar, bicycling is by far one of the cheapest transportation modes to support. Striped bicycle lanes cost under $50,000 per mile. Bicycling can relieve traffic congestion. A bicycle lane has a similar capacity to a vehicle lane, but only takes up a third of the space. Regular bicycle riding can produce amazing health benefits, from increasing cardiac activity to reducing weight gains that could lead to early on-set diabetes.


Harley Hubbard is the City of San Antonio Bike Network Plan project manager.

Joe Conger is a City of San Antonio public information officer

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*This interview will be recorded on Wednesday, May 29, 2024.

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