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Are sleepless nights an opportunity for introspection?

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Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder among Americans. 30% of people will experience short-term insomnia in their lifetime while 10% of people will be diagnosed with long-term insomnia.

Short-term insomnia can be fueled by the death of a loved one, a breakup, or being in a stressful situation. These nights are usually described as restless, exhausting and miserable. But what if we could transform them into something meaningful?

Writer Annabel Abbs-Streets had been experiencing insomnia on and off for most of her life before her father and stepfather died. After their deaths, she lay awake at night agonizing over her grief.

As time went on, she learned to cultivate what she describes as her “night self.” This is a version of herself that had creative ideas, introspection, and helped spur the idea for her new book “Sleepless: Unleashing the Subversive Power of the Night Self.”

Abbs-Streets argues that we all have a “night self” that can be uncovered and empowered through radical acceptance and a change in perspective.


Annabel Abbs-Streets is author of the book "Sleepless: Unleashing the Subversive Power of the Night Self."

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This interview will air on Thursday, February 15, 2024.

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