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CPS Energy offers rebates, discounts and incentives for home conservation

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CPS Energy has a variety of programs that will pay rebates or save customers money on their power bills to incentivize energy conservation.

The programs include paying you to put new insulation in your attic, installing a WiFi-connected home thermostat that CPS Energy can adjust, switching from a gas power lawn mower to electric, and more.

The San Antonio municipally owned electric utility will also provide a free High-Performance A/C Tune-Up. The home air condition inspection and tune-up is valued at $200 and is provided to qualifying customers at no cost. This service helps boost a home’s A/C’s performance while improving cooling output by up to 25 percent. It includes a comprehensive review into the HVAC system. At the completion of the inspection the homeowner receives customized recommendations to improve the A/C’s efficiency and performance.

The free service includes:

  • The measuring of indoor airflow and a correction if needed.
  • An inspection of the filter and a cleaning or change of dirty filters. The filter must be provided by or paid for by the customer.
  • The cleaning of outdoor condenser coils.
  • An inspection of indoor coil and blower— and cleaning if necessary.
  • A measured refrigerant charge with an estimate for additional refrigerant if needed.

The free CPS Energy A/C inspection visit would improve cooling output and performance by up to 25 percent, boost comfort and humidity control, reduce wear and tear on your A/C and extend the lifespan of the cooling equipment.

To see if you qualify for the no-cost A/C tune up complete the registration form.

Eligibility is limited to residential customers in single-family homes in the CPS Energy service territory with currently operational central air conditioners or heat pumps that are at least one year old. Non-ducted mini-splits and window A/C units are not eligible. Customers who have received a high-performance tune-up in the past five years are not eligible. The minimum required outdoor temperature to perform an A/C High Performance Tune-up is 75.

During the tune-up, the technician may identify repairs that need attention to improve your A/C's efficiency and performance. There may be additional costs associated with those repairs, and you are not obligated to make any additional repairs. CPS Energy encourages customers to seek multiple quotes before making major repairs and is not responsible for any additional costs.


Ana Lozano, CPS Energy Director of Technology and Product Innovation.

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*This interview will be recorded on Tuesday, June 6.

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