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Strays and dangerous dogs in San Antonio

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Stray dogs in the streets of San Antonio's West Side.
David Martin Davies
Stray dogs in the streets of San Antonio's West Side.

After a recent fatal dog attack in San Antonio questions are being asked about how it could have been prevented.

Ramon Najera, an 81-year-old grandfather and Air Force veteran, was mauled to death, and three other people, including his 74-year-old wife, were injured in an attack by at least two dogs, San Antonio police said.

Three dogs described by police as American Staffordshire Terriers were euthanized afterward, and their 31-year-old owner, Christian Moreno, was arrested and faces felony charges.

San Antonio Fire Captain Charles Hood said firefighters had to "fight off" at least two Staffordshire Terriers with pickaxes and pipe poles to get to the victims in what he called a "horrific scene."

Two of the dogs were involved in previous bite incidents in September 2021 and January 2023, according to San Antonio Police and Animal Care Services, which quarantined the dogs before giving them back to the Morenos.

Animal Care Services Director Shannon Sims said that neighbors have repeatedly complained about neglect on the owners’ part.

How bad is the problem of dangerous dogs in San Antonio?

What can be done to make the streets safe for pedestrians?

How responsive is San Antonio Animal Care Services to complaints of dangerous dogs?


Shannon Sims, Animal Care Services Director

Lisa Norwood, Animal Care Services Spokesperson

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