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St. Mary’s Strip residents and business owners divided on proposed parking restrictions

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Midnight Swim is a venue on St. Mary's St.
Kathleen Creedon
Texas Public Radio
Midnight Swim is a venue on St. Mary's St.

THURSDAY on "The Source" — Residents of Tobin Hill, business owners, and city officials met last Saturday to discuss a pilot program to restrict overnight parking along the N. St. Mary’s Strip. The proposed Residential Parking Permit Pilot Program (RPPP), would restrict public parking from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Tobin Hill residents believe that the proposed plan will lower crime, noise and parking problems in the area.

Business owners fear that the parking pilot program would severely restrict business, ultimately affecting their livelihood.

The RPPP for N. St. Mary’s Strip was scheduled to be voted on by City Council on October 20. However, with the crowd this past Saturday, the vote might be postponed. The next town hall meeting to discuss possible parking solutions has been scheduled for October 8.

How would the parking pilot program affect businesses along the N. St. Mary’s Strip? What issues have arisen for the residents of Tobin Hill? What are the next steps for District 1 and N. St. Mary’s Strip? Have any alternative plans been presented?


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*This interview will be recorded on Thursday, September 29.

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