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San Antonio budget surplus will either be sent back to CPS customers or invested in weatherization

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After a record-breaking summer, many residents of San Antonio saw a spike in their energy bills. Now, there is a $75 million surplus and council members of San Antonio wonder what to do with it next.

Councilman Clayton Perry wants the surplus to be returned to the customers of CPS in the form of a rebate. Councilman Mario Bravo wants the surplus to be invested into homes that need to be weatherized.

How would the plan be made if the council votes to weatherize homes? How would weatherizing homes save money in the long run? How much of a rebate would the average CPS customer get? How will the rebate be distributed?


  • Clayton Perry, San Antonio City Council representative for District 10 
  • Mario Bravo, San Antonio City Council representative for District 1

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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, September 14.

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