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Teachers in Texas want to quit. They cite low pay and negligence from the state

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Photo by Katerina Holmes

Seventy percent of teachers in Texas have considered leaving the profession. At the start of a new school year, the nation faces a teacher shortage specifically among K-12 grades.

Experts have reported that the teacher shortage isn’t necessarily caused by the pandemic, but the pandemic exacerbated pre-existing underlying issues. Teachers surveyed by the Texas State Association of Teachers cited political attacks, low pay, poor morale and the state being neglectful as reasons to exit their career field. Texas has also been ranked as the lowest in teacher retirement benefits.

What are the local governments doing to hire and keep teachers? What more can be done to maintain teachers? Who can the teachers turn to when they feel burnt out? What concerns do parents have for their children’s education?


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*This interview was recorded on Wednesday, August 10.

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