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To save water, money and time, what are the best gardening tips for a drought tolerant garden?

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The San Antonio Botanical Garden is a great place to visit to get design ideas to create a water-saving yard

Texas summers are known for long droughts that often make it difficult to plant and grow lush gardens. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor Bexar County is experiencing extreme drought in 2022.

A beautiful garden is possible even in arid conditions. Theconservation arm of San Antonio Water System offers information on how to keep a beautiful garden this year that will help pollinators and make your front lawn look lovely. They also have helpful tips on how to conserve water, and what the stages of water restriction looks like.

What are the best practices to conserve water and keep a bountiful garden? Are there things to keep in mind during Stage 2 water restrictions?

What plants are drought tolerant, and also helpful for pollinators? Are there rebate programs from SAWS this summer?


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*This interview was recorded on Wednesday, June 1.

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