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Centro de Artes reopens amid public art funding debate

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The Centro de Artes Gallery in Historic Market Square is officially reopening on Jan. 26 after being closed to the public for over a year and a half during the pandemic.

The reopening will feature a program that pairs emerging foreign-born or first-generation artists with experienced artists for mentorship, development, and encouragement.

Funding for public art is a hot topic amid ongoing negotiations over the City of San Antonio’s $1.2 billion bond package proposal, as council members seem split on whether to take some dollars from public art for other projects.

The $1.2 billion bond will fund streets, parks, housing, drainage projects, and other facilities. A final project list will be reached and a city election called by February 10. Voters will vote on the bond propositions on May 7.

Why are funding cuts for public art being considered? What other projects would that money go to support? How much bond money could ultimately be allocated for the arts?

Guest: Kim Bishop, San Antonio artist and exhibition organizer for the New York Foundation for the Arts Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program Exhibition at Centro de Artes Gallery

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*This interview was recorded on Monday, January 24.

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