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After A Decade Of Legal Scrutiny, Texas' Foster Care System Is Still Failing To Keep Kids Safe

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Kat Jayne/Pexels (Public Domain) http://bit.ly/2r28kCU

The State of Texas continues to grapple with the failings of its embattled foster care system despite a federal lawsuit over issues that continue to plague it 10 years later.

A new report from court-appointed watchdogs details how children in foster care are subjected to unlicensed and dangerous placements, exposed to sexual abuse or engaged in self harm, and administered incorrect or improper amounts of medication.

Why hasn't Texas made more progress toward addressing or fixing problems with its foster-care system, even after a decade of legal scrutiny?

What are the latest court developments? What solutions have been proposed? What are the biggest challenges?

What needs to happen to finally move the needle on safety for children in the state's care?


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*This interview was recorded on Thursday September 16.

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