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Another Tragic Cyclist Death Reignites Frustration, Calls For Action On San Antonio Bike Safety

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On April 9, Beatrice Gonzalez was hit by a drunk driver and killed while riding with her bike group on San Antonio's North St. Mary's Street near downtown. She was 43 years old, an avid cyclist, and a mother and grandmother.

While biking is big in San Antonio, with many individuals and groups enthusiastically dedicated to the hobby, the city isn't built for safe biking.

For years, San Antonio's cycling community has been asking the city to do more to improve bike safety, such as creating consistent and connected infrastructure throughout San Antonio, more dedicated bike lanes and lighting for after-dark rides, and better enforcement of laws that exist to help protect cyclists.

Just over two years ago, the deaths of two prominent San Antonio cyclists – Tito Bradshaw, 35, and Dr. Naji Kayruz, 58 – renewed calls for policy changes and infrastructure improvements.

There were a lot of conversations and promises made then, but did anything actually change? Will anything meaningful happen in the wake of this latest tragedy?

Why has more not been done to improve the status quo for cyclists? What will it take to finally move the needle on bike safety in San Antonio?


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*This interview was recorded on Tuesday, April 13.

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