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Years-Long Alamo Redevelopment Saga Continues With Renewed Rescue Efforts And New Disputes. What's The Latest?

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Eileen Pace

San Antonio's plan to re-imagine and renovate Alamo Plaza has encountered a plethora of obstacles over the years. Now, the $450 million project is on life support and still faces a slew of challenges. Can redevelopment be revived?

The original plan to create a vehicle-free, enclosed site to highlight the Spanish-Indigenous mission was met with controversy — especially as related to the proposed relocation of the site's revered Cenotaph.

What's the latest on the Alamo redevelopment? What all is in dispute and is there middle ground to be found?

How much is the project now expected to cost, and is there an expected timeline for completion?

Guest: Scott Huddleston, reporter covering Bexar County government, history, preservation, politics and the Alamo for the San Antonio Express-News

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*This interview was recorded on Thursday, March 11.

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