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Former CDC Director Explains What Joe Biden Should Do To Fight The COVID-19 Pandemic

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A former director of the Centers for Disease Control Dr. Tom Fieden.
A former director of the Centers for Disease Control Dr. Tom Fieden.

A former director of the Centers for Disease Control has advice for Americans about how to get through the holidays safely during a COVID-19 surge, and for the President-elect on how to fight the pandemic going forward.

Dr. Tom Frieden was the director of the CDC when a Liberian man flew to the United States while unknowingly infected with the Ebola virus. The man, named Thomas Duncan, became ill while visiting family in Dallas. Frieden was responsible for leading the effort to break the chain of transmission of the deadly virus in Dallas. In the end, Duncan died and two Dallas nurses became infected and recovered.

Frieden now runs an organization called Resolve to Save Lives, which teaches governments and public health organizations in countries outside of the United States how to prevent and manage epidemics, including the COVID pandemic.

On this week’s episode of Petrie Dish, he offers expert guidance for Americans on how to get through the current COVID surge and the holidays safely, and shares his thoughts on what President-elect Joe Biden should do now to prepare to fight this pandemic on day one of his term, which begins after his inauguration on Jan. 20.

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