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Medal Up For Fiesta With This Podcast

In this episode of TPR’s Fiesta podcast, hosts Asia Ciaravino and Angela McClendon Johnson learn all about what to wear to your favorite Fiesta event. Breathable fabric, big hats, and a sash full of medals. What? Jack Morgan explains the history behind Fiesta medals, and then Joey Palacios confesses his obsession with collecting the shiny tokens. Finally, Asia visits with Graciela Carrillo, owner of Graciela’s Creations, to learn about the colorful hats and dresses she’s created over the years.


Joey Palacios shows of TPR's 2018 Fiesta medal.

What makes a good Fiesta medal? Joey Palacios opines: 

"It has to have the year printed on it. And to me, it has to say 'Fiesta' on it. You have to have the organization that it's a part of somewhere on there. They help [nonprofit] organizations make some extra money for the year."

Question that’s answered in this episode: Where did the Texas Cavaliers get those powder blue uniforms?

According to “History of The Texas Cavaliers” by Henry Graham, in 1928 the group agreed that “red and blue were essential colors and that the uniform was to be military in styling.” That same year, the myth was born that the uniforms were based on the French Foreign Legion, thanks to a reporter for the San Antonio Express who claimed as much in print. Graham continues: “By its very persistence, this myth has earned a place in Cavalier tradition.”

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Graciela Carrillo, of Graciela's Creations.

Graciela Carrillo, on how she got started in the Fiesta clothing business:

"When I decided to change my career from [working] with my husband’s business. I decided to do something fun. So I started to do my own apparel. I started with Sembradores de Amistad, which is a very strong Hispanic organization. I did my first show with them, and from there I started growing and growing. At 50—can you imagine?—I decided to open my business, and this is where I am!"