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Think Science: The Future of Meat

Plant-based "al pastor" tacos from Viva Vegeria.
Nathan Cone
Plant-based "al pastor" tacos.

Humans have been eating meat for millennia, but in the past half century, the amount of meat consumption has risen dramatically (especially in the U.S.), and with the demand for meat comes environmental impacts such as deforestation, pollution, and the potential for more zoonotic diseases like COVID-19, that jump from animals to humans.

Laboratory and agricultural scientists are trying to address these challenges through a variety of alternatives to mass-produced animal agriculture, from regenerative farming techniques, to plant-based meat substitutes, and even lab-grown, cell-based cutlets that bring the bite without the cow.

At this Think Science event, we look at the future of meat production and alternatives with folks on the front line of the effort to enjoy our favorite tastes more responsibly.


Moderator: Nathan Cone, TPR

Think Science is made possible by San Antonio KidneySan Antonio Vascular and Endovascular Clinic, the City of San Antonio Office of Sustainability and the Edwards Aquifer Authority.