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00000174-b11b-ddc3-a1fc-bfdbb1d30001HearSA is an online audio archive of public programming intended to foster discussion and enhance awareness of informative local presentations and events. The archive includes lectures, panel discussions, book readings, and more. The opinions presented in these programs are those of the author or presenter, not Texas Public Radio or any of its stations, and are not necessarily endorsed by TPR.

Think Science: The Human Microbiome

Perhaps you’ve heard about the human genome, the base structure of our DNA. And DNA is complicated, for sure. But did you know that the genes on our microbiome outnumber those in our genome by 100 to 1? Our microbiome is made up of the many microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) that reside on and within our body. And where the human genome is permanent, our microbiome is acquired at birth and changes along with our body throughout life.

Scientists today are studying the way these microorganisms and their interaction with us can have an effect on our health; some of the diseases or conditions that are being studied for possible connection to our microbes include acne, ulcers, asthma, eczema, obesity, depression, and even cancer.

At Think Science: The Human Microbiome, TPR brought together two professionals whose research into the microbiome is leading to new ways to treat gastrointestinal issues and related ailments. Dr. Lawrence Hoberman speaks about how the microbiome is formed and the benefits of probiotics and best dietary practices for a healthy gut. Dr. Michael Olivier's presentation looks at the work being done at Texas BioMedical Research Institute to study how diet affects the microbiome and vice versa.

Listen to the audio in the player below, and scroll farther to follow along with the slide shows in the embedded presentations.


Dr. Lawrence Hoberman - Board Certified Gastroenterologist Lawrence Hoberman, MD, is the creator of EndoMune Advanced Probiotic and founder of Medical Care Innovations. He has spent more than 40 years practicing medicine and is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. Dr. Hoberman currently sees patients as a part of a health and wellness practice that stresses preventative medicine. He is in practice at Health by Design, located in San Antonio, Texas. 

Dr. Michael OlivierDr. Olivier has more than 20 years of expertise in genomics and technology development in both genomics and proteomics. His efforts focus on the design of better tools to study, understand, and ultimately treat human disorders. Dr. Olivier’s research explores how variations in our genome sequence affect the structure, function, and expression   of proteins, to help develop new approaches for treating complex disorders like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Think Science: Microbiome - Dr. Michael Olivier from Nathan Cone

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