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MONDAY at noon on "The Source" — An aging generation of baby boomers, longer life expectancies and a lack of available resources are contributing to what's being called an impending "senior-care crisis."

In 2060, the number of Americans age 65 and older is expected to reach 95 million -- 23 percent of the country's population.

Baby boomers are the largest living adult generation and average life expectancy is up to 79 years. By 2030, the Population Reference Bureau anticipates the number of seniors to surpass the number of children for the first time in U.S. history.

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Seniors graduating in 2020 from select high schools in the San Antonio area will be the first students eligible to take advantage of a free college tuition program called Alamo Promise.



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Millions of people gained healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act, but the law has faced a litany of challenges since its inception. What is the current legal standing of the ACA? Why has healthcare become a partisan issue?

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The idea of buying a house is exciting but daunting. Whether purchasing a first home or a forever home, wrong choices can be costly. What should future homebuyers know and to

make the process manageable and be confident about important decisions?



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Anti-woman messaging is pervasive across the internet, and though the outrage is largely anonymous online, it can spill out into the physical world.

For "male supremacists," a woman’s very existence, fight for equal rights or denial of affection are perceived as disrespectful at best and at worst, punishable by death.



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Electric scooters are a convenient way to get around San Antonio, until you can't get around them.

As their popularity rises, so do concerns regarding safety and accessibility for people living with disabilities.


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Latinos will make up the largest minority voting group in 2020. What can the history and rise of the Latino vote tell us about the changing U.S. political landscape?


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Four in 10 insured American adults say they have dealt with an unexpected medical bill.

Many were shocked to find out they owed thousands of dollars after receiving care at a facility or from a provider they assumed was in-network.


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Thousands of migrant children and adults are currently subject to dangerous overcrowding, unsanitary conditions and prolonged internment at U.S. detention facilities.

After much debate, public input and several different iterations, city officials say the Broadway corridor redesign plan is nearing completion.


The improvements are part of a $850 million municipal bond package approved by San Antonio voters in 2017, to make lower Broadway a safe multimodal area. The plan's latest iteration was revealed in June and does not require city council approval.