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Think Science | Spirit & Opportunity: New Frontiers In Space Exploration

Mars: Our "home" planet?
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Mars: Our "home" planet?

With the advent of new technologies, along with advancements in space exploration, the sky’s the limit for all things space related. This Think Science program explores findings gathered by geoscientists and astrobiologists on the moon, Mars, and beyond and also looks at the possibilities of “space architecture” and why San Antonio could be the next hub for the space economy. If you're interested in learning more about space exploration in the 21st Century and how that will impact and influence the future of discovery within our solar system and beyond, check out the presentation.


  • Dr. Charity Phillips-Lander, Southwest Research Institute
  • Dr. Danielle Wyrick, Southwest Research Institute
  • Sam Ximenes, XArc Exploration Architecture Corporation

Moderator: Nathan Cone, TPR
This Think Science event is made possible by UTSA Knowledge Enterpriseand Port San Antonio.