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Worth Repeating

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Collin McGrath has a very specific obsession. An obsession that so many men around his age have they even have their own name, The Bronies. Bronies are men fascinated with the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."

The Trinity University Junior found himself unexpectedly watching the show with his younger sister one day and connected with its theme of friendship. Collin was struggling at the time with figuring out where his place was in college.

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Georgia Erck is a San Antonio writer. Her story, like all great stories, is about family. Georgia was obsessed with not becoming her parents: one an agoraphobic that worried the house would explode, the other never found a microphone he didn't speak into.

Fortunately for us, she failed to avoid becoming a little bit of both of them. She didn't appreciate this fact until they were gone.

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It isn't that Bernadette Smyth's mom didn't love her and her 8 brothers and sisters. It's just that her cavalier, some might argue distant, attitude flies in the face of how we think of mothers.

Bernadette assures us it isn't just the fact that she grew up in Ireland, her mother was something of a standout even there. While it may have been tough on Bernie, it is great fun for an audience.

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Florinda Flores-Brown is a writer and educator from Laredo. Florinda attended UT Austin, which is where this angsty and hilarious story of lust and obsession took place.

The unattainable object of young Florinda's affections flipped the script, but she never knew due to what she called "an ESL moment."

Beatrice Briseño is Texas born and bred. She came of age in a time of overt racism towards Mexican Americans. And despite her own successes, it's something that she has never forgotten.